Foundation Pilates

The 50-minute small group Pilates class is ideal for both Pilates novices* and those more experienced in the method, who desire a refresher on the 6 Pilates principles and the method’s Foundational exercises. This class is open level, will include modifications for those with physical limitations, and exercise progressions for those seeking the challenge. Each class will include exercises on the Pilates Gravity Reformer, and may also incorporate Pilates mat work, the Stott Pilates Wall Spring Board and Wunda chair.

Intermediate Pilates

The 50-minute small, group Intermediate Pilates class is intended for those who possess experience on all of the Pilates studio apparatus and an embodied understanding of the 6 Pilates principles. Intermediate class participants will be able to independently set-up the Total Gym Gravity Pilates Reformer for each individual exercise, without teacher guidance. While maintaining movement quality, a faster paced execution of both transitions and basic Pilates exercises will be expected in the Intermediate Pilates Class. The Intermediate Pilates Classes will progress the exercises honed in the Foundation class on all the Pilates studio apparatus.

Jumpboard Cardio Pilates

Get your heart rate up and have FUN in this 50 minute, full body workout. This is a small group class that incorporates cardio and strength exercises on the gravity Reformer. Open to all members, beginner and beyond! Not recommended for someone with foot, ankle, or significant knee issues.