Self-Myofascial Release Online Series

This online, 7-class series uses the LoRox Body Sphere® to offer the specific self-massage techniques of self-myofascial release (SMFR), coupled with variations of Classical Pilates Mat exercises. You will experience benefits such as improved blood circulation, decompression through the spine, alleviation of pain caused by nerve impingement, increased joint mobility, rejuvenated skin tone, and restored alignment of the bones and their muscular attachments. Throughout the series we dive into what fascia is and why it’s health is imperative to our whole-body health. Fascial Fitness practices are included, along with guided diaphragmatic breathing, orienting, and grounding routines for nervous system regulation.

The classes are both deeply relaxing and energizing. Collectively they equip you with techniques that you can use for a lifetime to build physical resilience and defy aging all the way down to the cellular level.

The 7 classes address the following regions of the body:

Pelvic Floor

Hamstrings + Deep Lateral Rotators


Chest + Neck

Anterior Torso

Quadriceps + Adductors

Sideline (pictured)

Lower Leg + Feet


gives you unlimited access to the entire series! This membership is a Month-To-Month subscription, in addition to whatever in-studio membership you currently have, BUT the series is available to non-eStudio members as well!


eStudio members may purchase the 7-Part Series through their Gym Desk profile. The below link will give non-members access. For all, select, “Myofascial Release Online Video Training Series” under “Memberships”. 

LoRox Body Spheres® are sold at eStudio Pilates + Yoga. After purchasing the SMFR Series on our website, you will be able to purchase the LoRox Body Sphere® on our website, too (for local pick-up).