Yoga, Aerial Yin Yoga

Though Jessica had tried hot yoga and few classes at the local gym, she really learned a greater appreciation for yoga in 2015.  Jessica found great comfort and connection in a small yoga studio that offered a beginning vinyasa class during her lunch hour.  Finding her center and calming her brain for those 50 minutes was the perfect way to reset and find her breath.

Fast forward to 2019 when Jessica needed a change and to deepen her yoga practice she enrolled in a Vinyasa and Hatha 200 HR training program: really focused on connecting breath to moment and finding her center.  Jessica started working at her certifying yoga studio, but then the pandemic shut down the studio, so she brought her classes online.  For the last couple.of years Jessica has been helping clients discover the healing, strength and support that she has enjoyed from yoga.

Jessica was so excited when eStudio Pilates and Yoga was opening.  She loved the idea of a boutique Pilates and yoga studio.  She was really excited when she saw that there were Aerials established in the yoga studio.  She was curious about them, having loved the trapeze Aerial classes Jessica had taken during her YTT training.  Elizabeth asked her about developing a Restorative Aerial class and the Aerial Yin yoga class is Jessica’s innovation.