Ginny Quick is a life-long devotee to the art of movement. She grew up competing as a nationally ranked equestrian vaulter (a unique combination of dance and gymnastics on horseback) and discovered Pilates in 2002 to be the perfect complement to the physical demands of her lifestyle. 

In 2007, she went through Julian Littleford’s comprehensive Pilates training certification and began teaching at his studio in Del Mar shortly after. She has since been teaching at various boutique studios in San Diego and Orange County. During her 15 years in the Pilates field, she’s worked with a wide range of clients with a variety of needs. This includes pre- and post-natal women, athletes, elderly clients, those dealing with sciatica and back pain, and clients rehabilitating from breast cancer surgery, knee surgery, and back surgery. As a mother herself, she has a special passion for helping pregnant and post-partum mamas connect or reconnect to their bodies. She completed Leah Stewart’s Live Life Pilates Pre- and Post-natal Specialization certification in 2013 and worked as Pilates Director at Level 4 PT and Wellness helping develop specific training programs alongside the women’s health PT for pregnant and post-partum moms.

Ginny loves connecting with her clients to identify their specific health and wellness goals and is dedicated to helping them get there!

She lives with her husband, 4 ½ year-old son and 10-month old daughter in Carlsbad. In addition to Pilates, Ginny is passionate about nutrition and holds a NTP certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association. She is also currently pursuing certification as a Post-partum doula.