Foundation Pilates Reformer- A 50 minute small group Pilates Reformer class great for beginners or for those with some minor physical limitations. This class is open to all members. Each class will include exercises on the gravity Reformer, Wall Spring Board and Wunderchair.

Intermediate Pilates Reformer- A 50 minute small group Pilates Reformer class intended for those with experience in the e Studio gravity Reformer Pilates curriculum. This class is much faster paced and more challenging! Please attend at least 10 Foundation Pilates Reformer classes or talk with an instructor before attending class. Class exercises will be done on the gravity Reformer, Wall Spring Board, and Wunderchair.

Jumpboard Cardio Pilates- Get your heart rate up and have FUN in this 50 minute, full body workout. This is a small group class that incorporates cardio and strength exercises on the gravity Reformer. Open to all members, beginner and beyond! Not recommended for someone with foot, ankle, or significant knee issues.

Restorative Yoga- This is a 60 minute, gentle yoga class that focuses on static poses and is great for beginners or someone with physical limitations. The class included deep breathing, poses, stretches, and meditation. A perfect class to quiet the body and mind and relax!

Beginner Vinyasa- This is a 50 minute class that strings postures together so that you move from one to the other seamlessly, using breath. This class is great for beginners that want to become more comfortable in the Vinyasa (flow) type of Yoga.

Intermediate Ashtanga Yoga- This is a 50 minute small group class that is lively, active, and more fast paced. Ashtanga follows a strict format of six different sequences that have their basis on the Sun Salutation Sequence. This class focuses on physically challenging you to push past your limits in every class.

Aerial Yoga-Aerial Yoga takes traditional yoga poses and lifts them off the ground with the use of an aerial silk hammock. Get a full body workout in this 50 minute class that increases flexibility, improves back pain, build strength, and is just plain FUN!