Aerial Yoga

Let your inner child out and learn how to FLY! Our Aerial Yoga classes will begin with fun and challenging yoga flows utilizing our aerial silk hammocks. After an effective warm up we will get you hanging upside down in the hammocks. We will guide you through some transitions and tricks- all at your own pace. In this class you will strengthen and tone your core, increase your upper body strength as well as increase the mobility and flexibility of your hips, shoulders and spine. Aerial Yoga has tremendous benefits for the body, including total decompression of the spinal column. By hanging upside down you will bring fresh oxygenated blood to the brain improving brain function. Being suspended in the air lengthens your ligaments and removes tension on your muscles, allowing for deeper ranges of motion. All skill sets and levels are welcome.

Aerial Yin Yoga

Aerial Yin yoga is a slow paced 50 minute class. Traditional aerial silks are lowered to just inches off the ground. Here, yogis are lead through traditional yin yoga poses with the support of the aerial silks. Please be aware that much of class is surrendering into the top of your hips and lower back. Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes to allow for true fascial release. Once in pose you”ll be asked to surrender the body to the support of your silk and practice mindfully doing nothing on purpose. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, leggings with zippers and jewelry are asked to be removed in this class.